#500: The Milestone

gray rocks on seashore during sunset

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Well, I did it. I got to at least 500 blog posts without repeating a title. Everything else has been brand new, with no overlapping topics. I’ve kept this going for over a year now and I feel pretty good about the lasting impact of this whole process on my writing skills. I believe I’m a better writer now than I was when I started this whole thing, and it’s great to go back and look at myself, look at what I did back when this blog was in its nascent stages, and learn from it. Even today, while I was reading the blog back a bit, I saw a post saying “An Apology for Inactivity,” back in 2014. That was a whole six or seven years ago at this point, and yet I was apologizing for being inactive then. Now I’m active every single day, practically, and show no signs of letting up or stopping any time soon. That’s what blogging does to you; it makes you motivated to keep going, and you want to push yourself to achieve higher milestones. Even now, while looking at the title of this blog post, I think to myself: what will I name the blog I write when I get to #1000? Will that also be a milestone worth writing about? Maybe I should title this “Part 1,” so as to motivate myself to keep writing so that I know I have to get to “Part 2,” that being #1000? I’ve never written a two-parter so separate from each other before. It’s all so new and interesting to think about!

Nevertheless, I’ve made it this far. I genuinely thought about quitting this thing for good after my breakup, considering how much of the 100s, 200s, and 300s are about a person that’s no longer a part of my life. But I want to keep going. At this point, I really have to.

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