#499: The Virus

woman holding face mask

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

It should go without saying that the hottest topic in the news these days (at least, while I’m still writing this, although it doesn’t look like this is about to disappear any time soon) is the coronavirus. As such, I wanted to write about it a little bit, with hopes that I can explain some of my feelings about it before the 500th blog post. I would hate to commemorate 500 blogs with a notice about a virus; that would be hardly fitting after all the work I’ve done to get to this point.

So, without further ado, the virus began in China, but has since spread throughout the world, infecting over 70 countries at the time of me writing this. It’s become an increasingly difficult virus to contain, and it seems as if having a federal pandemic team on staff would be helpful during these times. Unfortunately, that team was fired two years ago, so now everyone is scrambling to figure out what to do. It’s become more and more stressful over time, figuring out how to deal with this public health crisis. For me at least, I was in the process of interviewing for a job that would’ve been perfect for me, and then the company instituted a hiring freeze because of the crisis. As such, it’ll be difficult for me to ever really get a job while this is all still going on. I don’t think I’ll be so lucky until it’s over, at least.

What that means is that for the interim, I have to continue quarantining myself, which I’ve basically been doing already. I haven’t done much to make myself socially active, aside from hanging out with a couple of friends every once in awhile. The friends I hang out with don’t show any symptoms though, so we’re good! At least for now.

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