#494: The Drama

red human face monument on green grass field

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

The more dramatic the moment, the more frustrating it ends up being. That’s the rationale I’ve always had when it comes to drama and mischief in social media communities. It’s not my fault when things blow up in my face; it’s the fault of the people who decided so little was enough to cause them to change their entire indictments of my character. It’s frustrating and very damning of them more than it is me.

But drama is drama. I can’t change myself for other people when the people trying to get me to change would rather hold their ambitions over my head than actually be constructive or positive about anything.

This whole post is kind of one big ramble, and I’m sorry for anyone reading it out of context (i.e., almost everyone who will inevitably read this except for me). It’s just something I need to vent and get out of my head. I don’t feel comfortable in the community I once was a part of, and a result of that, I feel completely unwelcome and like a stranger in a strange land. I no longer want to be friends with the people I used to be friends with, and I no longer have any ambitions related to the video game we once all liked and shared an interest in. I don’t like when people decide that they would rather put themselves before compromising and mediating. It shows more about the people who are involved than it shows about me. It’s something I really wish wasn’t this way, but I’m not interested in this any more. I need to move on and focus on professional stuff, and I need to move on and be a more productive member of society again. I can’t let this era of my life define me.

2 thoughts on “#494: The Drama

  1. “I can’t let this era of my life define me.” Exactly! We must always redefine ourselves when the time is right. Almost every word has multiple definitions. I liked this post even if I didn’t have all the context.

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