#431: The Commute, Part 1

photo of an empty road during daytime

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com

Commuting from one place to another is a natural part of working. You get used to expecting a job to be a certain distance or time from where you live. When I worked in Milford, my commute was usually around 25-30 minutes or so. I got used to this type of commute, and I would plug my phone into the car’s outlet and listen to a podcast (usually MBMBAM or TAZ) or listen to some kind of enjoyable music, to boost my mood. Nowadays, the music I listen to suits my mood rather than boosting it. I just wait for the music to match the exact emotion I’m feeling at the time, and I let it overcome me. It’s my way of just letting life take its toll.

Commutes are special for lots of reasons, and most of all I enjoy having a long commute when it’s decently reasonable. When I lived in Stamford and worked in Milford, which didn’t last long, I had a 40 minute commute, which was the perfect length to listen to a lengthy audio show or medium. It let me collect my thoughts right before work, and it put me in a sense of isolation. Isolation isn’t the end of the world, though, as I’ve found out recently enough; sometimes it’s exactly what you need to restore your mood and put you back in your own head. Sometimes I feel like we lose track of what our own head is thinking, how we can best serve the needs of our minds. What are you thinking right now? Is it influenced by where you are, who you’re around, the people you know? When was the last time you really let yourself live freely? I don’t mean to say that you’re not doing that right now, but that you should try it from time to time.

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