#422: The Bank

abundance bank banking banknotes

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There’s a dungeon in Persona 5 that’s infamous for having one of the most frustrating, difficult and complex sections imaginable. It features lots of respawning enemies, and lots of movable parts. You have to memorize combinations of letters and numbers in order to solve these ridiculous riddles that spell out words. Honestly, I had to look up this part of the game and figure it out with the help of the Internet when I first did it.

Here’s how it works. You collect six pages worth of notes from Kaneshiro, the palace owner, who’s scattered them in piggy banks around the dungeon. The piggy banks are, of course, guarded consistently by obnoxious shadows who assault you as soon as you get near them. It’s obnoxious to deal with, as the name suggests, but I had the opportunity recently to watch my friend Alex (not my girlfriend, the other friend) complete the dungeon in one run. He had to take it in two days, unfortunately, but the dungeon really got him thinking and made exploring it pretty interesting together. I like being able to watch people play one of my favorite games; it feels like returning home, in a way, and it feels like watching your favorite movie with someone who’s never seen it before. You get to find joy in watching them react to all the big moments all over again.

The bank is one such dungeon that really tests your abilities. Although I didn’t talk too much about the bank in this particular blog post, I hope I got the message across that watching other people play Persona 5 is just as fun as playing it for the first time. The only thing I would change about it is that Alex tends to skip through the dialogue too quickly, and doesn’t let the voice acting tell the story for them.

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