#420: The Spider, Part 2

close up photography of spider web

Photo by chivozol on Pexels.com

This blog post is a continuation from the previous one, about the most recent Spiderman game that came out on Playstation 4.

Slinging around the city as spiderman is probably worth the price of the game on its own. Insomniac Games, the developer of this game, were able to make the transition between slinging around and running over walls completely seamless, so that your character, Spiderman, never feels completely powerless or like he’s being taken out of his smooth travel. The travel always feels smooth and there are no spontaneous stops. The city is also almost crafted in such a way where you’re inclined to jump around everywhere you can, as there are, like I said in the previous blog post, collectibles scattered around.

On top of the collectibles, there are also miniature missions you can complete once you unlock the radar signal for each area. It documents the police radio, which tells you when arrests or robberies or other such events are taking place around you. When you follow those hints, they clue you into what you can do to fix the situation.

There’s also a grand, bombastic score to the game that’s uplifting and makes you feel like a genuine superhero. There’s also the voice acting, which is phenomenal; Spiderman feels and acts just like you would expect Peter Parker to. He’s sappy, nerdy, and a genuine person. I have to give props to the game developers for nailing his attitudes so well. They really knocked this part of the game, all the characterization, out of the park.

Overall, this game truly feels like a spiritual successor to the Batman Arkham series, which is wonderful because I loved those games so much. They really inspired me to like Batman more than I did previously, more than even the movies did.

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