#404: The Zine

group of people reading book sitting on chair

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

So, this one might come off as a bit vindictive, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t.

When I was in college, working for Montage, our school’s literary magazine, Claire touted the idea of creating monthly zines instead of just doing our annual release. As someone who was invested in getting my work published in as many places as possible, I loved her idea, and I supported it as the poetry editor for the magazine. Unfortunately, that idea never really came to pass and we ended up just doing our annual release. I know that future editions of Montage leadership ended up trying the zine idea, and I’m glad they did.

Zines are like shorter, more focused magazines. They’re released in print and digital versions, and they often are centered around a particular theme or idea. All the pieces in the zine, whether they’re digital art, photography, or writing, deal with the approved theme. It makes collecting zines interesting, as you get the chance to see art that’s created for the sole purpose of being part of that theme’s edition, if that makes any sense. The art featured in a zine is created specifically for that; it’s not just a collection of greatest hits without a cohesive meta-narrative between the pieces. It makes them special and unique.

When I first joined the Twitter community I am a part of now, there were rumblings about starting a zine sometime in the future. It did come to pass, and I wasn’t accepted into it, unfortunately. I would’ve loved the opportunity to write for a theme about characters that I love. Even though that never happened, I’m still happy and supportive of the people who were accepted into it, and I will do my best to support their efforts regardless. Life goes on, you know.

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