#396: The Towers of Time, Part 1

gray concrete tower

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

Towers of time is a game mode inside of Mortal Kombat, and it’s apparently classic to the series. Because I haven’t played Mortal Kombat before the 11th incarnation of the series, this all comes as a new revelation to me. I don’t hold my stock in traditions, but if the traditions make sense and allow for innovation, then I’ll support them. It’s only when traditions hold back franchises from innovating that I have difficulty supporting them. For example, in the New Super Mario Bros series, it feels like the games have gotten progressively less and less creative over time. Whereas the Zelda series innovates and each incarnation has something unique to it, something to give it its name, the 2d Mario platforming games of recent years are really struggling to excite. I preferred Tropical Freeze over all the other platforming games of the past few years, except for Odyssey, but those are different experiences at their cores.

Thankfully, the Towers of Time game mode does allow for some innovation, and the developers do innovate on it. It’s similar to other timed challenges from games, except it features the same exciting core fighting gameplay of Mortal Kombat. I find the gameplay itself addicting and interesting, so the ability to instantly jump into fights with progressively harder challenges in store is exciting to me. The biggest difference is the addition of Konsumables, the Dragon Challenge, and the affixes that individual fighters and enemies have. You can also augment your items and gear, so that when you go into battle against each of your foes, you’re better prepared statistically speaking. There’s a bit of a grind in unlocking everything you need, and it requires time to unlock for sure, but the Towers will keep me coming back to this game even after I’ve finished with the story mode.

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