#395: The Delivery

close up photo of black board

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

When we get a delivery, we usually get an email notification that addresses what’s going on. It tells us in advance when to expect the package, which I appreciate, although the service has been a little spotty recently after the apartment opened up a new system for doing things. It happens, and we’re not super angry about it, just frustrated.

But today, I’m not going to be talking about delivery in that sense. I want to talk about delivering food, an age-old classic since the days of pizza delivery boys. Who hasn’t ordered pizza and gotten it delivered to the house before? Before Grubhub, before Ubereats and Doordash and whatever else exists, there were pizza guys, and they did everything themselves. I feel for them just as I do retail workers, so I always make sure to tip whenever I order out. I appreciate the people who actually put themselves out there to do this thing for me, a service that I’m too lazy to get for myself. It’s like I’m sitting there in my apartment, writing blog posts while food is currently being prepared and delivered to me from somewhere else. It’s nice to have that option, but it’s still lazy of me to do this. And yet I do it sometimes anyway, in spite of the laziness.

Getting food delivered is a nice convenience. I like Taco Bell, obviously, as many of you who read this know, and sometimes all it takes is a craving for tacos for me to order some and have them sent my way. When it’s time to order, I’ll usually go onto Grubhub and see what they’re offering, even though they don’t have coupons for people who are existing members most of the time. I’m appreciative of everything they do for me, whenever I decide to order food.

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