#394: The Sale

person writing on notebook

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

There’s always something new on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all the other ridiculous shopping holidays that exist. Some places, like Amazon, specifically have countdowns on their websites devoted to counting down when new flash sales show up. People who are looking for a specific item, or people who are just looking to spend all their money on something, or a mix of the two because life is nuanced and complicated sometimes.

Like for example, right now I’m about to go on Amazon, even though I’m ideologically opposed to so much of what’s going down at Amazon regarding its labor practices and the very idea of Black Friday to begin with, because I just can’t resist those sales. I ordered a stylus for my laptop and a micro-SD card for the Switch, that way I can store more games on it, because I’m addicting to spending money. Sale, sale, sale!

When items are on sale, I naturally want to buy them, even if I had no intention of buying them originally, and I think that’s the intention of sales in the first place. If I remember correctly, from my time working at Rite Aid, the little stickers that you have to put on items are there specifically to entice people’s attention. It’s a way of getting you to spend money you weren’t thinking about spending. Now, when a sale is on an item you wanted and it’s much less than you were thinking it would be, that’s awesome too. But sales don’t need to be that way for you to enjoy them, necessarily.

I can’t believe, as someone who’s so opposed to all this stuff, that I wrote a whole 300 words about it. Sometimes I can’t control myself and the inspiration just starts seeping out on its own.

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