#378: The Shield, Part 2

adult ancient arena armor

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here I’ll be continuing my blog about the newest Pokemon game, Pokemon Shield. I didn’t buy the double pack or the Sword edition this time, as it felt appropriate to just stick with one for now. Also, if you haven’t read the previous blog post, you might want to, just so that this one makes more sense to you. I’ll be jumping right into it.

So, another great thing about the new games is the addition of gym battles taking place in stadiums. I feel like the battles are so much more triumphant and interesting now that they’re these huge spectacles, with chanting fans and blasting music all over the place. It definitely captures the sense of a huge battle going on, and I love the atmosphere that’s created by it. I definitely endorse this game so far as being a great purchase, and I can’t wait for Alex to get the chance to play it too. She’s currently in the middle of playing Luigi’s Mansion 3, which has been a blast too.

Another great thing about the new game is all the modern conveniences added to it. Exp share is automatic now, which I know some people aren’t a huge fan of, but I love the ability to just level without having to swap my Pokemon around in the middle of a battle. It saves so much time and effort now. There’s also the Pokemon Camp, which I haven’t explored that much of yet, but it’s been nice to just interact with my little Pokemon without having to be in the middle of a huge battle. It makes playing the game seem less like a chore and more like an adventure with all these options around. I definitely support this game now that I’ve played it myself and gotten caught in all the hype.

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