#353: The Lie

woman lying down on blades of grass

Photo by Ike louie Natividad on Pexels.com

How are you when it comes to lying?

This is probably going to be a difficult blog to write, so as to not implicate myself in anything, but I wanted to write it after I had to make a really carefully constructed lie recently. I won’t go into the details on it, for reasons I just mentioned, and I’ll try to keep things fairly even and balanced.

Lying is bad. No one should have to lie to do anything or get anything. Lying is also tantamount with immorality, ambiguity, and a general lack of clarity of character. By that I mean, character in an ethical sense. Your character as a person drains if you’re spending all your day lying. You have to then keep up with those lies over time, living second and third lives in front of different people, and then they recognize you for those lies. They expect new things of you, depending on how complicated the lie was. If you lie to someone once in a fairly innocent context and say that you’re working a second job to get extra money, for example, then people will expect you to go home and do that immediately upon getting home. If they see you on Playstation 4 online afterwards, they might be a little confused, considering you just told them you were working a second job. Hypothetically, of course. Not that that’s actually happened to me.

But again, lying isn’t good. You really shouldn’t lie. I never lie on this blog; I keep things honest to myself. When I write, I write in order to expel those lies from my system and reclaim myself and my honesty. I do so in order to stay sane amidst all the chaos of the world. Sometimes it really is necessary to lie, just to get by, but I still never feel good about it.


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