#348: The Chapter

book chapter six

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Writing a chapter story has been my next step in the world of creative writing. I’ve moved on to writing a chapter story because, as it turns out, the story I have in my head that I want to write is too long to compose and publish as just one story. Usually, these types of stories need to be around 2k-6k words, give or take, and it’s not a good idea to expand more than necessary. You run the risk of losing people’s attention, while also creating a situation where people feel obligated to continue reading even though the story is longer than that ideal length.

So, instead of agonizing over a 20k-word story, I figured I would break it up into chapters and publish it like that. My story has a defined beginning, middle, and end to it, and though I’m not entirely sure where I want to take things exactly, I’m still looking forward to the writing process. My process of writing usually involves just sitting at a computer and writing whatever I can, whenever I can, and letting the words naturally develop. I edit afterwards to make sure everything makes sense, and then from there I decide where the story might go.

This story already has some twists and turns planned into it, and I know where things are going in a basic sense. The main character is going to undergo some important developments, and at the end they’ll revert back to their normal, everyday self because I can’t run the risk of changing the game’s canon too much. I just love the idea of writing within an existing universe, instead of building it all up myself. Perhaps that’s just my laziness talking, but honestly, it’s so much more liberating and allows you to focus just on the writing.

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