#323: The Book Club

adorable blur bookcase books

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m going to continue my trend of writing about the most recent fics I’ve been into, and the next one is about a book club. When I described it to one of my friends, after she finished reading it she said, “This is the most you subject matter ever.” And she’s right about that; writing about high school and book clubs is within my nature. I’m still an English major, even years after graduating from college, and I feel like writing about high school is pretty easy, considering I used to teach at one. It’s not difficult to imagine what it’s like to live as an average high school student when so many average high school students are in your classes and beyond. Being in a book club, though, is a different story entirely.

Being part of a book club would be great. I haven’t actually joined one in all my years of reading, but I remember in grad school when one of my professors wanted to start one with some of us after the course ended. It was our grammar course, in which I learned all about morphology and sentence diagrams and trees. The fun, nitty-gritty stuff that you don’t learn in school any more, but probably should. It helps to know the mechanics and grammar of English, even if grammar is a social construct. I don’t like how grammar is used to belittle people who speak or write differently, but I think some grammar instruction would go a long way towards helping people grow as writers and readers. Some kids aren’t able to identify parts of speech, let alone discuss what an independent clause is. I think some of the basics of grammar should be essential learning, even if it’s tough to grasp. It benefits our knowledge of English so much.

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