#320: The Method

group hand fist bump

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Nouns are fun. As I think of what to write about here, I always come up with a title first and then go from there. It all starts with some kind of title, like “the wrestler” or “the crimson flower,” and then I think, what can I discuss about that topic? What sorts of ideas pop into my mind as I consider everything related to this main theme? Sometimes they come easily to me, and sometimes I have to go back and think deeply about the topic before anything even enters my mind. Some topics really take their toll on me, and I have to wrack my head as much as possible just to get any kind of idea going. It takes lots of time.

For example, this blog post initially seemed like a good idea when I first thought of it, but now that I’m in the middle of writing, I’m beginning to question whether it was a smart idea, because I’m having doubts that I’ll be able to continue writing about this for long. Oh well, this happens all the time. I guess this is a lesson for me in making sure to have enough in my head before starting a blog. I can’t just jump in and expect my mind to finish it for me. In a sense, this post resembles my typical method. I think it perfectly encapsulates what I’m trying to talk about, which is the method I usually take to write a blog.

When I have lots of ideas though, they come out naturally and flow like water. It’s impossible to stop the stream of words and phrases and sentences. They’re generated in my head and then they form on the page naturally. Nothing compares to writing blogs and getting those cathartic emotions out onto the page. Sometimes it’s all I need to set my mind straight on things.


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