#291: The Season, Part 1

pathway between green grass field

Photo by Javon Swaby on Pexels.com

Summer is great, isn’t it? It’s not too early to be nostalgic about it, hopefully. I have rose-tinted glasses about it already. There were nights when I had no concerns in the world, when I stayed up past 2am playing Monster Hunter: World on the big TV with friends I had met from Twitter while Alex had to get ready for work in only a couple hours, and on those nights I truly felt what it’s like to live freely and without a care. It was like being unemployed all over again; technically, I was unemployed, if that clears anything up, as I wasn’t being paid over the summer. That made things difficult; budgeting became a pain, and I had to account for 10 weeks when I had no regular paycheck to my name.

But it was liberating all the same. The summer was like a dream to me, and I’ll look forward to it next year just as I did this year. Nothing will have changed about it in my mind. It’s crazy to think that there’s a whole 9 1/2 months standing between me and my next break of this size, but not everyone has the same liberties that I do.

There were days when I wished I could’ve done more, when I had no money to spend but lots of ideas about what to do. There were days when I didn’t have a car to use, two weeks in fact, and I had places to go but no method of transportation to get there. There were days when I had plans but I didn’t want to do them, when I was supposed to visit friends in New Jersey but had other things in mind to occupy my time. There were so many days of listless mental absence, and I’ll miss those feelings a lot, but now it’s time to strap back in and be responsible again.


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