#288: The Ship

two person sitting on bench facing boat on dock

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

Shipping is the act of putting or imagining two fictional characters in a romantic relationship with each other. It’s primarily an act of creative ingenuity, with those who contribute to a particular community having broad imaginations and the unique ability to articulate those thoughts into art, writing, or whatever other medium they choose.

Fanfiction is writing that takes place in the same world as an existing story, but written by another author, usually a fan of the original story who wants to expand on it further and bring more detail to a particular scene or moment. Fanfiction homes in on something in particular: a character the author really enjoys, a moment they want to make last forever, a relationship they wish had more backstory to it. It’s a remarkable practice, and something that I fully support as an English teacher. It takes a lot of creativity to write within another person’s mind, to have your writing gel with the essence of the original story while still expanding on it in unfamiliar territory. I remember offering the opportunity to write fanfiction as a project option for our Catcher in the Rye unit, and I wish more people chose that option, as it would’ve provided me with some interesting reads while giving the writers the chance to stretch their creative juices even more.

The reason I’m discussing these two concepts is because recently I started writing more on Twitter, as some of you probably know if you’ve been reading this blog often, and I’ve met some remarkably talented individuals through it. The chance to meet and befriend these people has been one of the highlights of my summer vacation, and I can only hope it doesn’t disappear as I head into another school year of work. I would hate to see that happen.


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