#260: The Delay

black cassette tape on top of red and yellow surface

Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

When you really don’t want to finish something because you’ve invested so much time and energy into it, and you feel a bit emotionally indebted to it, that’s the delay. On that note, I’m currently listening to music from Persona 5 as I write this. How are both of those sentences connected? Well, Persona 5 is the game I never want to see end; it’s endlessly engaging and the story has moved me. The characters are so memorable, so full of personality and charm and wit and, well, human character that it feels like I’m giving up some of my friends by finishing the game. After all, they do text you in the game and offer to hang out with you, whether at Leblanc or at the movies or elsewhere. Atlus really went out of their way to make the characters as human as possible, in a way that’s almost scary. Their voices are iconic, their characters so full of love and attention, that I can’t imagine playing another role-playing game like it. I doubt I’ll find an RPG with characters that engage me as well as these ones have. Alex and I really have been taken in by this game and its narrative; I feel sympathy for all of the main characters, and I want them to succeed and find happiness in their lives, even though they’re works of fiction. It’s almost as if acknowledging that there is an end to this game is acknowledging that these characters will soon no longer exist, at least in new and exciting ways, or that they really aren’t human after all. I can always go back and replay the game, and I plan on doing that when the new version comes out next year, but for now, this is the end. At least, until I actually finish the game, which by the time this blog post goes up might actually be the case.

Oh well. I guess this is the one vice of consuming great art: it’s always temporary.

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