#257: The Trailer

white dump truck near pine tress during daytime

Photo by 500photos.com on Pexels.com

Have you ever gotten excited about a trailer that’s about to come out? I have, plenty of times. I remember when I first started watching Game of Thrones and the season 4 announcement trailer released; it was an experience for me and my friends. At the time, none of us had any idea what would happen to the show eventually and we were all caught up in the glorious hype of the moment. There’s something truly special about sharing in collective excitement with other people, watching others get hyped up with you. I remember when the first trailer dropped for The Avengers, and I remember geeking out over it too. How small the world seemed back then, before the fourth movie became the highest grossing film of all time. Is it actually at that point yet? I’m not so sure if it’s topped Avatar.

The reason I mention this is because a trailer just dropped earlier today for Persona 5: Royal, the new remastered edition of one of my favorite games, featuring one of my favorite characters from that game. She’s an absolute badass, and the trailer showcased that to the fullest potential. It’s supposed to be releasing some time next year, but knowing Atlus, it could be pushed later, depending on what they want to change on it. I shared it with Alex earlier today and we both geeked out over it. Again, I just love being able to talk about these things with other people reliably and consistently. It makes the whole experience so much sweeter when you have someone else to share in all this with. So, thanks Alex! You’re the best, but you already know that.

I guess this blog post also could’ve been titled “the friend” or something along those lines, considering how important it is to have friends who are interested in the same things as you.

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