#250: The Saga

telescope pointing at milky way galaxy at night

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

Today, I’ll be discussing one of my favorite games of all time, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. This is a classic for the Gameboy Advance, and I remember playing it so much back in the day. I never beat it as a kid, but I went back and beat it later as an adult so I guess that amounts to something. If you can’t beat it as a kid, that means it’s probably too hard.

The reason I bring this game up is because, at the con over this past weekend, Alex picked up the most recent, remastered edition of Superstar Saga for the 3DS. It’s a special game with a special place in my heart, honestly. I remember playing it on my Gameboy Advance like it was this newfangled piece of hardware. It felt so unique. Just hearing the music again brought joy and glee to my face. It’s something special when you hear a familiar song and it brings back memories all on its own. She was in the middle of the Popple battle, for example, and that has an amazing, recognizable theme that I can hear in my head as I’m even typing these words out. I’m going to the gym soon, and I might have to play it just to fill that space in my head! Usually, Alex doesn’t play with sound on, but I explained that this is an important game in which sound cues are essential to timing your attacks and defenses right. It’s not just an option to turn off or on; it’s relevant to all facets of the game’s design.

I also told her recently that there were four more additions to the series, so she got excited when that news was unveiled. There’s so much to do in this series, and it’s all so fantastic!

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