#245: The Maker, Part 2

shallow focus photography of blue alpine car

Photo by ALEXGTACAR on Pexels.com

But let’s switch topics to something a bit more in-the-news: Mario Maker 2, a game that recently released for the Nintendo Switch. This is what I originally wanted to write about, before I was distracted by the Bionicles and LEGOs discussion.

Mario Maker 2 is an otherwise fantastic game with some glaring flaws in its online multiplayer design. Though I didn’t spend much time playing that particular mode, I did enjoy the other modes quite a lot. Being able to play endless level challenges, over and over, with similarly endless replayability thanks to its user-generated level system. You pick a difficulty mode, such as Normal, Easy, Expert, or Super Expert, and the game throws user-generated levels at you to complete. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Normal mode, as I’m not skilled enough to get past level 6 or so without running out of lives, usually. Some of these levels are tricky, and I’m used to using my intuition as a gamer to figure out what’s coming next in a level. When it comes to user-generated levels from people all over the world, there’s no way of knowing what to expect and what a specific person is thinking when they created a particular level. They’re more unpredictable, basically.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the level editor, too. I created one level that requires you to use the cape from Super Mario World to traverse some deadly flame traps and cannonballs. And then I created and published a second level, with a bit more seriousness to it, that featured loads and loads of cannonball traps and a rising tide underneath the character. I felt especially proud of that second one because it used a few new features offered just in Mario Maker 2, such as the rising tide and the music blocks.

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