#244: The Maker, Part 1

shallow focus photography of blue alpine car

Photo by ALEXGTACAR on Pexels.com

Another two part blog post! Recently, I’ve had fewer ideas but more to say about those ideas, so instead of dragging myself through lots of ideas at once, I figured this is a more appropriate way of publishing consistent blogs.

The Maker. Making things was a part of my childhood. I grew up with LEGOs, Kinects, Bionicles, the works. Whatever you can imagine, I probably tried creating at some point. My dad took it as an early sign that I would be an excellent contractor like him some day, but that didn’t necessarily turn out to be true. I can see why he would think that, though, considering I loved using my hands to build things as a kid. One would assume from that that I would also be interested in that as a future career. It just makes sense that way, and people did it for fun mostly. I remember building a massive Bionicle figure, I think it was Makuta/Teridax/whatever his name is, and it turned out to be one of my biggest accomplishments as a kid. Seeing that figure, and seeing that I had a part in actualizing it, felt amazing. Words couldn’t capture my enthusiasm and excitement. Bionicles truly had a great hold on my childhood creativity. I think they were one of the first times I was offered the opportunity to create something myself. Although directions were given to you, I’d go off the beaten path sometimes to create monster or figures that didn’t resemble the original creation at all.

Being creative isn’t an inherent trait, I think. You can be taught to be creative, and the best way is to model it after your own intuition. Sometimes small things have a large effect on your standing as an adult. I’m glad these toys had an effect on my life.

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