#225: The Expo

architecture building expo museum

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Have you ever heard of E3? It stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it’s an event that takes place once a year at the beginning of June and promises to hype up any video game fan from around the world. It’s known for delivering the biggest announcements, the most shocking reveals, and gameplay footage never before seen. When new games are said to be announced, they’re brought out on the floor of E3 first and foremost. That’s why people tend to gravitate towards this event so heavily; it attracts attention by nature of its grand scale and all the video game industry developers who treat it like the biggest deal in games. By being treated this way, it also becomes like that.

I always look forward to Nintendo’s presentation the most, partially because I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but also because I love how Nintendo presents their information in such a concise, clean, and clear way via the Nintendo Direct. After the Direct stream is over, they switch over to the Treehouse stream, where people from around Nintendo play the games that were unveiled or previewed during the Direct. This gives people the chance to experience the games firsthand, if they’re present at the event, or watch them for the first time, if they’re watching the streams from home. There are always some surprises in store for the Treehouse stream afterwards, so it’s usually worth watching and catching up on regardless of if you are busy.

I was most hyped about Banjo-Kazooie being added to Smash Bros Ultimate. What’s better than seeing an old character from one of your favorite games added against all odds? A Microsoft property brought into a Nintendo title for the very first time in over 20 years. It’s a miracle and a dream come true for me.

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