#177: The Spoiler

racing ferrari auto racing

Photo by Brian on Pexels.com

Today, I’ll be discussing spoilers, specifically the ways in which we try to avoid spoilers for the sake of added entertainment and experiences. Not the car kind of spoiler.

By this point, Game of Thrones will have aired, and I’ll be freely able to talk about what I had spoiled for me on Sunday night and Monday morning. On Sunday, I saw Avengers: Endgame, partially because Alex and I wanted to avoid spoilers as much as possible. We both weren’t sure how long we could wait without being spoiled on the biggest movie of the year. I work with kids, so the likelihood for me was even higher, as they would certainly be talking about the movie during class or in the hallway over the next couple days.

Ironically, though, I was spoiled on the thing I cared more about, that being Game of Thrones. Alex and I decided last night to watch the episode later on Monday instead, because we were both tired and needed rest. Alex was working 8-4 this week, which means she had to get up at 4:30 am. On Twitter, I muted a bunch of keywords related to Game of Thrones, such as Arya, Hound, Samwell, Jon Snow, hashtags, etc. Unfortunately, before bed I decided to look at Twitter anyway and saw someone tweet out: “Vengeance child saves the day!” Now how am I supposed to know to mute the phrase “vengeance child” so it doesn’t appear on my timeline?

In the morning of the next day, I read the full spoiler on Facebook from a friend’s post: “Arya killing the Night King set to Titanic music.” So there you go, I was spoiled on perhaps the biggest moment of the entire episode, on the day I was supposed to see it. Such a shame, but it won’t diminish my enthusiasm to see this episode come to life.

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