#173: The New Record

black and brown short haired puppy in cup

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s possible, very possible in fact, that I’m writing this blog post a bit too soon, considering I tend to jinx myself when it comes to these things. I’ve already written about Angus’s countdown in the past, but I want to highlight a new aspect of it today, a new development worthy of some praise and consideration.

Angus has reached a new record on his doggy days countdown, and I couldn’t be happier for him. (Even though he woke me up countless times last night and made going to sleep pretty miserable, I still love this boy, most of the time.) He has officially reached 21 days on the countdown, beating his previous record of 20. I remember his old record so well because he was so close to reaching the great count of three weeks, at 21 days, but he wasn’t able to get there for whatever reason. I think I remember he ate part of the trash can by my desk when we came home from gym; it was a huge disappointment, considering how well he was doing prior to that moment.

This all being said, he hasn’t been completely alone through all of these days. I had a week off during April break thanks to school being off, and I sat around home with Angus for awhile during that time. He got to have some company during this time, and so it’s not like Angus was perfect while we were away from work throughout all of the days on the countdown. He’s been great, though, and that’s worth talking about in a blog post.

When Angus eventually, inevitably, decides to break all of our happiness and mess up the apartment again, we will have to start from scratch with the countdown, and I’m not looking forward to that. But alas, it is inevitable.

As a quick edit before this post goes live, Angus reached 22 days, and then fell flat on his face and ate into my trash can, for no better reason than to get to a wrapper inside. A bit of a shame. He was doing so well.

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