#171: The Baby Picture

adorable baby beautiful child

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

While looking over students’ baby pictures to bring down for yearbook, I was reminded of my own baby pictures, and what it’s like to look back on the past this way. (The picture included above is not me, just for your information.)

Some students’ baby pictures were fun to look at, mostly because I don’t know these students super well yet and it’s great to see their pasts. A bunch of other teachers are more familiar with the students, some of whom have worked for years and years and have known them since they were in Pre-K, when their baby pictures were probably taken in the first place. As a teacher, I’ve always loved looking at yearbooks, just to see what students write in them and what students come up with. I also love looking at the baby pictures, mostly as a way of guessing who is who. Last year, I didn’t know everyone in the senior class, so it was difficult to play the guessing game with their pictures.

I posted a few baby pictures on my Instagram a year or two ago, and the one that stands out to me the most is of me in my overalls and red shirt (looking like Mario) while sitting on the floor of my grandma Carrie’s house. I can picture exactly where I was when that happened, and I remember how I felt going back to that place. Sometimes I felt dread, other times I felt a mixture of happiness and complacency. It depended on the occasion, what holiday we were celebrating, and who was expected to be there from the family. Sometimes being a baby is frustrating because you’re forced to interact with people you don’t want to interact with, such as surly family members. That’s one of the perks of growing up.

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