#161: The Break

white blue and purple stars illustration

Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

By the time this post goes up, I’ll be on break. One of the absolute best parts about working at a school as a teacher assistant is the days off afforded by school breaks or snow days. We’re past the point of snow days being feasible, but breaks still occur. April Break, taking place during that time of the year when everyone needs a short reprieve from school, fills that snow-day-shaped hole in my heart perfectly. Having a break allows me to recharge and refresh when I need it the most, and being able to relax like that gives my anxiety the chance to restart. Sometimes you just need a break from seeing the same faces every day, five days a week. Not that you are tired of them, but rather you need some time away from them. It’s the way of the world.

It also gives us all something to look forward to, through the weeks of toiling at work. Being given a break from work is a blessing that is only really offered regularly to people who work at schools, considering the way the school schedule is outlined and works. You won’t get days off at the same rate if you work at, say, a Gamestop. You might have vacation days, and more sick days, and great benefits, and all those other wonderful things, but wouldn’t you rather have a week off in April when you really need it? I’ll leave that question up for debate.

Alex doesn’t get breaks the same way I do, but she’s going to take some time off over the summer so we can hang out together. I’m looking forward to that, as I won’t be working once June comes around. Now that’s what a real long break looks like. It’s funny how, during the longest breaks, you end up waiting for it to be over, after spending so much time waiting for it to begin. Ironic, but funny.

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