#159: The Wrestler

yellow bleachers

Photo by Vitaly Vlasov on Pexels.com

This won’t be about the iconic wrestling movie featuring Mickey Rourke, called “The Wrestler.” Instead, this will be about Alex and I’s watching experience on Sunday when we decided to turn on Wrestlemania 35 and watch it for old time’s sake. It was old times for me, not so much for Alex, as she has never watched a wrestling show before. I’ve been to a few of them live, way back in the day, and my Dad is still a fan, I think. I started watching because of him and his fascination with wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and others. He would tell me how he watched Wrestlemania 3 in a movie theater live and popped for Hogan slamming Andre.

My favorite part while watching was the Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan match, an instant classic that rewarded the fans for cheering for an underrated, veteran wrestler for the first time in awhile.

Alex enjoyed watching the Smackdown tag team titles match, and especially liked the flippy stuff and interesting, diverse wrestling styles showcased in the match. You had powerhouses, technical wrestlers, and flippy-fliers all over the place in the match. It was pretty incredible to watch live, but not my favorite.

We stopped watching around the Elias segment and went to bed. I had a long nap earlier in the day and enjoyed it immensely, but unfortunately, it makes paying attention during work difficult when you spent so much time sleeping the day before! Oh well, sometimes it’s worth it just for the rest.

At the end, Alex mused about what it would be like to be in New York the next day, and whether or not the city would be trashed after the event. Not sure what actually happened, as I haven’t talked to her yet, but hopefully it didn’t get too trashed afterwards.

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