#146: The Dog Hotel

sears tower usa

Photo by Cameron Casey on Pexels.com

I’ve mentioned the dog walk, but not what it’s like to bring our little Angus to the vet and dog hotel combo over the weekend. Alex and I were able to spend a weekend without our wonderful dog in Boston, but not without spending some money getting Angus room and board in a fancy, up-scale doggy hotel. We had an overwhelmingly satisfactory experience there, and we will most definitely bring Angus back there when we go on vacation again.

The dog hotel didn’t look as fancy as the stock picture I posted above, but it still works. It was a fantastic place for him, as they kept sending us email updates on his test results and status. He had to get some tests done while he was there, so we knocked out two birds with one stone and managed both at the same time. When they brought Angus out on Sunday, he galloped over to us and the lady taking care of him said he was one of her new favorites. If we paid extra, we could’ve gotten him individual or group play time, a stuffed Kong treat, and a camera live-feed so we could watch him in his crate while we were in the hotel, in case we wanted to reminisce about our dog while on vacation. Not that we’d ever do that; some level of separation between us is okay, believe it or not. We considered it, though, and that says enough about who we are as dog parents.

As I mentioned, the vet did some tests on Angus while we were gone, primarily looking into his previous history of heartworm. Initially, the tests came back positive for some traces of heartworm, but they completed a few other tests afterwards that we haven’t heard the results from yet. Still no word on whether or not the heartworm will resurface in our good old boy. Fingers crossed he doesn’t have anything going on; he doesn’t need that additional pain in his life.


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