#139: The New City

apartments architecture boston brick

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In one of my previous blogs, titled “The Trip,” I discussed briefly what it was like to live in Boston with Alex on the weekends, during her internship in 2017. First of all, how crazy is it that that was back in 2017? It feels so recent, so soon. Regardless, I wanted to talk more about the few places I learned to love in Boston, and how wonderful they are. It’s not enough to just have a brief description of them when they meant so much to us for such a long period of time (2 1/2 months).

When Alex first moved to Boston, specifically the Quincy area, she had to take the bus over to the train station and then the train over to the T and then the T to the hospital. It was an obnoxious commute, but what we learned from it is that there were some great spots in Quincy just outside her apartment complex.

There’s a comic book shop in Quincy that I remember exploring during one of our first trips downtown. It was Free Comic Book Day, and I remember meeting the artist and writer of The Tick. It was a pretty memorable experience. There was a sign, a huge cow with the caption “We’re moooooving!” advertising the relocation of the summer farmer’s market. There’s also a fish shack restaurant that we almost had the chance to go to, but unfortunately were not able to. There’s a burger restaurant, KKatie’s, where I tried their Hell Burger, an amazing concoction of hell and burger mixed together. No, in reality it was super blazing hot and made my tongue hurt, but it was also wonderful.

Months later, while one of Alex’s friends was staying in the same apartment, bedbugs were discovered there. I can only hope they didn’t find their way onto our bodies while we stayed there, or that at least they invaded after us.

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