#138: The Commute

photo of audi parked near trees

Photo by Vlad Alexandru Popa on Pexels.com

The commute is a miraculous thing. It’s funny because, if you’re earnestly looking for work, the commute is one of the most underrated parts to consider. You need to think about what your commute will be like, how it feels to drive or take the train or walk or all of the above to your job. If you don’t think about it, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised by it, one way or another.

My commute to my last job was about 40 minutes long, which wasn’t that bad all things considered. The worst part was when I hit traffic on the way home, but thankfully I only worked there for a couple months before summer hit and I decided to do something different with my time. It could’ve been worse for sure. When I was first applying for jobs after college, I applied for a teaching job in South Windsor, which would’ve been about 55 minutes away. I couldn’t imagine commuting that far nowadays, especially with Alex practically living in New York half the time because of her job. It would’ve been completely incompatible with our jobs.

Alex’s commute is much different. She walks to the train, then commutes to Harlem, then takes the subway, then walks to her hospital. It’s a crazy commute to think about, and I can’t believe she enjoys it, but she does! It gives her the opportunity to read, listen to podcasts, and just generally relax before work starts or on the way home. It’s not that bad, I guess.

My commute nowadays isn’t bad at all. I drive about 15-20 minutes opposite of traffic from Stamford to Norwalk and then back to Stamford when school gets out. In comparison to my last commute, it beats that one for sure. I could’ve had it much worse.

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