#133: The White Noise

grayscale photography of road

Photo by Mark Neal on Pexels.com

White noise. Do you know what it is? It’s considered to be noise that drowns out all other sound, filling the room with static electricity or ambient sounds that distract your brain from thinking of anything else. It’s designed specifically to keep you from paying attention to other sounds, so my expensive white noise machine, which of course produces white noise from its boxy exterior, fulfills that design requirement well. It has tons of different sounds: one section is for white noise, while the other section of sounds is for fan sounds. Alex and I generally prefer the static because it’s a bit more pleasant at low volume settings, and more easily blends with the ambient sound of Stamford at night. It fits in and makes it all invisible and imperceptible. When music is playing from down the street, when dogs are barking outside late in the evening, when fire trucks roam through the streets, the white noise machine is there to save the day and rescue us into its welcoming, pleasantly sounding arms. It’s such a fantastic investment.

Let me explain what caused us to get this machine in the first place. Over the summer, when Alex and I were first moving into Stamford for the first time, we decided to spend the first week or so living in the apartment without going back to work. It gave us the chance to actually explore Stamford while also acclimating to our new apartment. In the afternoon, though, and throughout the night and mornings, the restaurant from across the street played loud, loud music that you could hear even with the windows and doors closed. You could make out the lyrics, which made it a hundred times worse. That’s why we bought the machine, and ever since it’s worked beautifully.

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