#132: The Irish Holiday

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

(Not sure what this photo is, but it came up when I searched Irish!)

It’s time to discuss the Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, and its connections to me. I don’t really associate much with the holiday, considering I don’t have any Irish heritage in me (I’m pretty sure at least), but there are some parts of it that are significant to me regardless.

Let’s talk about the first one: Shamrock shakes. Indisputably one of the best elements of this entire holiday season, the shamrock shake from McDonalds is the perfect blend of peppermint goodness right into your mouth. I used to get them more frequently when the time came, but there aren’t any McDonalds near Stamford (at least that I’m willing to drive to just to get a simple peppermint shake.)

Also, at CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens, candy is on sale usually soon after the holiday or afterwards. Because I don’t celebrate the holiday much, I can at least celebrate a temporary candy sale when I see one.

When I went to Quinnipiac University, which has an especially large Irish heritage to it, people celebrated the holiday by visiting Aunt Chilada’s (as they would normally celebrate big occasions.) This is also around the time that the college hockey season seems to catch up to itself, which Quinnipiac absolutely looks forward to.

There was a 5k in Stamford over the weekend, complete with celebratory music in the streets and areas roped off for runners and marathoners to jog and sprint down. I went to the gym with Alex for about 40 minutes while all this was happening. That’s about the extent to which I feel comfortable running/walking at one time, so no 5ks in my future, especially not on St. Patrick’s Day.

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