#131: The Door

abandoned ancient antique arch

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Since time immemorial, we have always had trouble with the door to our apartment. Whether it’s a problem involving the keys not working or there’s something wrong with the key scanner, it feels like trouble follows us when it comes to this door. Our apartment, otherwise, is great; the features, amenities, setting, and more have been consistently wonderful to experience as a newly-embarking apartment owner. But that damn door…

This all took place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Alex was on her way home, arrived at our doorstep and realized, upon trying to unlock it, that her keys weren’t registering on the key scanner. She knocked and knocked on the door, and sooner or later I realized what was going on. I got up, opened it for her, and sat back down at my desk.

Later, when Alex took Angus out to pee, she took my keys with her, thinking that the problem involved only her keys. Turns out, not a minute or two later, I heard another knocking on the door. (This is beginning to sound like the plot of “The Raven,” isn’t it? It wasn’t a gentle rapping on my chamber door.) Neither of our keys worked.

Finally, after attempting both keys, Alex went downstairs again to talk with the people at the concierge desk. She told them about all of our many frustrations involving the door, including what had happened both times we tried to get in.

When I got home the next day, I could hear Angus moaning in his crate, waiting for someone to come rescue him, as my keyfob flashed red on the scanner. It was heartbreaking to witness.

One of these days, our keys and the door itself will work fine, without any issues. Today was not one of those days, unfortunately.


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