#129: The Wrestler

black and white people bar men

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

Let’s talk about something I don’t usually have the chance to talk much about, and that’s good old-fashioned wrasslin’ (or wrestling, if you want to be more precise). Since I was young, I’ve been into the professional entertainment phenomenon that is wrasslin’, even though I don’t keep up with it nearly as much nowadays. The problem is, there’s so much programming going on nowadays that it’s impossible to keep up with completely unless you make it your full-time job. As a result, you have to pick and choose what to watch or commit yourself to. Every day of the week, for at least a few hours each block, there’s some show on television or the Network that you can watch. It’d be ridiculous to have to sit down and watch everything.

It all started when I was a kid. I remember getting a Rey Mysterio action figure for one of my birthdays, and I thought he was the coolest looking dude in the world. With his question mark shirt and his gleaming, shiny pants, it’s no wonder I was fascinated by his style. It also happened because of my dad; it’s one of the things that he’s left me with, and that’s an interest in professional wrasslin’. My dad still boasts about seeing Wrestlemania 3 in a movie theater when he was a kid.

Then, when I was in college, I found myself in a group of online friends that still watch the shows together, and I kind of gravitated towards them because of it. I became interested in new wrestlers of the new generation, and so did my friends, so we shared those interests and high-stakes moments with each other. Nothing is better than sharing hobbies with others; it provides the immediate, instant gratification of companionship that makes hobbies so enjoyable.

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