#122: The Crate

person using forklift

Photo by ELEVATE on Pexels.com

So, we had to crate Angus again. So today I’ll be talking about the crate, its uses, and why we decided to put Angus in the crate one more time.

As some of you may know, one of my most recent blog posts was about “the countdown,” our count of how many days have passed since Angus ate up the apartment. Until yesterday (relative to the time of my writing this post, not its publication), Angus had been a good boy, lasting 16 whole days without any mishaps or misdoings. I honestly, genuinely started to think that the countdown was unnecessary, that it’s not needed any more and that Angus had clearly learned his lesson. That is, until yesterday.

I came home from work, and after I opened the door, I could barely believe my eyes. In front of me, staring me in the face, was a complete disaster zone, the recycling bin tipped over, milk cartons strewn along the floor and chewed open, empty bags and torn cereal boxes everywhere. It was nightmarish, and of course, as a result, I blew up.

Let’s provide some context, though, to be fair to Angus and his plight. What I didn’t mention is that this happened on a Tuesday, and on the day before, I was home with him all day because there was a snow day at school. On Thursday and Friday, Alex took sick days because of her bronchitis so that she could rest and relax a bit. She also stayed home with Angus pretty much all day. So on Tuesday, the day Angus decided to be a bad boy, Angus was alone and without friends to accompany him throughout the day. He almost had gotten used to what it was like to be with someone in the apartment all day.

Thus, the crate has returned. We’ll have to see what happens now.

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