#121: The Morning

man sitting on edge facing sunset

Photo by Abhiram Prakash on Pexels.com

I’m not and have never been much of a morning person. Getting up early puts me in a state of confusion and restlessness almost immediately, regardless of how much sleep I’ve gotten overnight, and I wrestle around in bed waiting for the next opportunity to relax again under the covers. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, that opportunity is soon; as I write this blog, I recently had a snow day that made me very happy, and nothing compares to waking up in the morning to a text from the school you work at with an announcement about its status. If you remember what it was like as a kid, it’s the same feeling as an adult. Being a night person myself, I loved hearing that school was cancelled, as it gave me the chance to stay up a bit later at night.

The morning isn’t so bad, though, when I can relax with Alex a bit. When Alex works 10-6, we both wake up at around the same time, eat breakfast together, and enjoy the morning with Angus until it’s time to leave. I drive her to the train station, drop her off, and head to work on my own. It’s something perfect, unique, and memorable about the morning that I love so much, and it’s almost made me a morning person. Alex and I don’t usually get to spend mornings together; when she works 8-4, she leaves before I wake up, and so she walks to the train by herself and I drive to work by myself. It makes up for her getting home much later at night during the 10-6 shift, because we get the chance to have each other’s company a bit earlier, to make sure the day starts off on the right foot and with the right kind of attitude. I appreciate it so much.

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