#113: The Drive

adult automotive blur car

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

After hanging out at my friend’s house in North Haven over the weekend, I had a really unfortunate experience that haunted my Sunday and made it infinitely worse than it ever needed to be. Thankfully, Alex and I were able to salvage it for our own gain and made the drive worthwhile for us, but still, you can’t help but think about all the time wasted. All the experiences not fulfilled or left unfinished. It’s a bit depressing to think back on time wasted for a simple mistake, something easily preventable, but it’s better to move on and move forward, as I’ll be doing by writing about the experience in this blog post.

What happened is, I hung out over my friend’s house and drove back in the early morning, around 4am. Yes, very late but I was wired on coffee and felt completely fine, so don’t worry about my driving! In fact, the driving is the crux of this whole experience, and after all is said and done, I have to be a good driver, right? So, I lost my medicine bag, filled with all my important medications and more, and realized that I left it in North Haven. I found this out as I was unpacking my backpack before going to bed at 5am. I went to bed knowing I would have to drive back and forth to North Haven again after waking up, which I would eventually do with Alex’s companionship. We listened to The Adventure Zone together, caught up on lost episodes, and picked up some food and smoothies from Claire’s Corner Copia in New Haven, our favorite local restaurant and eatery. It was nice to drive together, nice to listen to podcasts together, and nice to enjoy some food from one of our old favorites. All in all, not a bad day, just an annoying day.

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