#112: The Streak


I’ll be talking about Duolingo again in this post, specifically the streak of days I’ve had recently. It’s been somewhat of a long stretch, and Alex has caught up to me, but I’m trying my best to not close the distance. As of this post, I’ve reached 26 days and Alex has reached 23 days, so I definitely have a lot of important, consistent work to do in order to get going.

Duolingo has been an important resource for me to use on a daily basis so I can learn and slowly but surely become fluent in Spanish. I’m getting better at it as time goes on, but the problem is that, in order for me to become fluent, I need to actually engage with the content rather than treating it as a game to beat. Beating a game is easy; engaging with and learning from that game is a whole other story completely. I also sometimes play Duolingo at the gym, giving it my all while walking on the treadmill or peddling on the sitting bicycle machine.

I’ve made it through Greetings, Places, and Family recently, and I’m currently making my way through Travel 2. Thankfully, Travel 2 is an extension of Travel 1, which I’ve already completed and so I have the chance to apply my learning in a new context. The other good thing about starting Travel 2 is it allows me to keep pushing myself through additional sections of learning. Duolingo has tons of options for content, and it puts you through a series of tests in order to place you in the right spot. I took college Spanish courses for the majority of my undergraduate career, although I never spent more than a few minutes on my homework each night. If I paid attention during those classes, maybe I wouldn’t be running into problems trying to re-learn Spanish online!

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