#110: The Countdown


The countdown begins. Although it’s not necessarily counting down, rather it’s counting up in some way, it will eventually count all the way back down to zero. It’s inevitable, at some point in the future, that the countdown will live up to its name. We just have to wait until that prophecy is fulfilled, as it of course will be.

Let’s talk about what the countdown actually is, as I’m sure you’re probably confused by now. As of the writing of this post, which is different from the publication of this post, the countdown is currently at 5 days. That means that it’s been 5 whole days since Angus, our lovable, chew-happy dog, ate up the apartment. Alex and I decided to start a countdown to mark how many times it’s happened, while also giving us a chance to positively reinforce Ango for his good behavior, when it eventually happens.

The last time he ate up the apartment, Angus put his front paws on the counter and snatched a potato from the kitchen. When Alex and I came back from the gym that day, everything seemed fine and dandy until we looked on the ground by the couch and saw a torn up, half-eaten potato on the rug. He must’ve not enjoyed it very much, because Angus is a very hungry boy and would definitely devour the whole thing if he wanted to. He also has repeatedly eaten up the bed comforter and more. He’s munched on the paper-mache dinosaur I used as a bathroom pass during my second year teaching, and he’s munched on the star-shaped incense holder we used to keep by the TV. Now that he’s explored almost everything in the apartment, we’re much more careful when it comes to leaving food or other items around and within reach.

Alex told me that, on a future trip outside, his poops were yellow and showed the skin of the potato. Just to put that image in your mind.


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