#106: The Dog Bed

close up photography of fawn pug covered with brown cloth

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Time to update on the status of the bed!

We bought Angus a dog bed, or dog mattress, however you want to call it, when we first adopted him. It was one of our first purchases, not knowing at the time how it would go over and how we would train him to get used to the bed. We didn’t plan much for him, which was probably an issue at the start of our training, as we didn’t know exactly what to do with him. But we were prepared in the sense that we had enough money to give him what he needed when he needed it. We weren’t going to let our dog live in anything less than total luxury in our apartment.

The dog bed became kind of a running joke, as it was only in the crate, which we only used and put him in a few times after Angus misbehaved greatly and majorly (which I have covered in other posts on here.) We ended up bringing the bed into the bedroom after an incident late at night involving Angus’s big, dopey body taking up too much space in our bed. We used to sleep together, until Angus barked in the middle of the night at me because I was trying to push him over for space reasons. When we started organizing the bed for Angus to sleep on, it took some time for him not to jump onto the bed in the morning. But we fixed that by opening the door at night, so Angus can sleep in the living room if he feels like it. We make sure that there’s nothing in the room that he can mess with, just as we do during the day when we leave for work, and he usually wanders in there rather than sleep on the bed. It’s a work in progress for all of us.


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