#102: The MOBA

person s playing chess

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena. It’s a genre of video game, typically played on computers, with its most popular entry being League of Legends, probably the most popular game in the world right now. League has had that title for well over the past few years, leading into 2012 most likely. MOBAs feature chosen heroes or champions battling it out on a map with repeatable, respawnable minions or creeps sieging the opposing team’s fortress. The goal is to completely take down the other team’s fortress, ultimately laying siege to their core, the most important structure in their fortress. If the core goes down, so to does the team. These are all features that pretty much all MOBAs share, regardless of who’s playing them or what game is being played.

Now, the reason I’ll be discussing MOBAs today is because of a certain game within the genre that’s of particular importance to myself and my friends. This game is called Heroes of the Storm, known as the third most popular MOBA on the market, behind both League and Dota 2. Heroes is a fantastic game with lots of gameplay diversity and options, despite its lower popularity. Characters like The Lost Vikings offer micro-based experiences, while newer characters like Imperius and Blaze are heavyweight, front line bruisers who tank damage and dish it out as well. They tend to be some of my favorite to play when I join a team with friends. The game itself allows me to play how I want to play by choosing my hero in advance, through the game’s quick match mode.

In continuing the trend of talking about my sleepover experiences, Heroes comes to mind because it’s frequently one of the best options we have. Being a team of three players usually, we have enough team chemistry and cooperative skills to win most of our games. And we do, and winning is pretty fun! Late at night, after some time spent horsing around on other games and devices, we end up on Heroes as a way to pass the time before bed. I can’t separate my appreciation for this game from its usual place in our sleepover schedule, as it fills such a hole in our time. Games usually go about 20 minutes or so, which is short enough for us to spam games, gain experience for each of our heroes, and win in glorious fashion. The games are much shorter than the average League or Dota game, which I’ve learned to appreciate as a way for me to not have to commit super hard to a game when I press the queue button. I know that, even if the game sucks and we lose, it only goes about fifteen minutes so I shouldn’t be too bothered by it.

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