#98: The Second Sloth

animal blur canine close up

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

We have successfully reincarnated Sleuthy. He is alive once more, in a different form than he was before, but looking nearly exactly the same — minus a few tears in the throat, head, and chest. Eventually, new Sleuthy will come to match the old one, and then we will have two deflated sloth stuffed animals in our apartment, one for each room that Angus wanders into (none for the bathroom.) This way, when Angus wanders through a room, he always has a stuffed friend to lay his head upon or chew endlessly. Angus stays home more than any of us, honestly, so if it’s within our power to make his time a bit more enjoyable, we do what we can. Angus needs some attention, too, even when we are gone or at work or in the gym. It only makes sense, right?

This past weekend, depending on when this blog post goes up, featured the return of D&D (which will be discussed in another blog), as well as a sleepover and a trip to Target and the barbershop. A pretty eventful few days, if I say so myself. The weekend was overall a fantastic blend of time. We left for Target after the barbershop on Sunday, and our mission was just to pick up dog food, but then things transformed a bit. During our Target trip, Alex and I were determined to find another toy for Angus; he tore through his first Sleuthy, ripped its stuffing completely out and ran around the apartment with his mouth full of fuzz. He is a vicious, vicious animal. So, it came to our surprise when we stumbled upon yet another Sleuthy, hanging on a rack in the pet section of the store. Our faces lit up, as we knew we had to get another one for old man Angus.

I always get anxious when I leave Angus before going to work. A part of my mind will imagine what he’s doing in there; whereas previously I used to feel bad for him and his moans and moos, nowadays I get worried that Angus will tear up parts of the apartment while we’re gone. He sometimes does that, but only briefly and never in an overly destructive way. We are working on training him away from those habits, but right now, adding another stuffed animal to his closet is the way to go.

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