#97: The Keurig

white cup filled by coffee

Photo by Jonas Mohamadi on Pexels.com

Again, let’s talk about coffee. I’ve talked about this subject enough times on my blog that I think it’s gotten repetitive at this point, but this is centering on a different facet of coffee-drinking: the coffee-making machine. When I am waking up in the morning, the fresh, hot coffee Alex brewed from our fancy Keurig machine lifts me up and keeps me going throughout the long early morning of the work day. Shout out to Alex and her exceptional brewing skills, especially at 4:30am!

The Keurig we have now is fantastic. We got it for Christmas, thanks to Alex’s mom, and its variety of options still blows me away. It has options for literally all kinds of mug sizes, and a screen that changes color and design with the push of a button. As you can probably imagine, I’m easily pleased by these things! But honestly, after looking at the Keurigs at various work environments and offices, this Keurig blows the other ones completely out of the water. It feels like a 21st century invention, if you catch my drift. Like a hoverboard, except for coffee. I use it to prepare coffee at night for Alex and I, and I use it to prepare tea when I’m going to bed, so that I can relax with some nice chamomile sleepytime tea. It prepares every kind of hot or cold beverage you could ever need!

At work, I bring k-cups with me so I can refill my coffee in the office Keurig machine whenever it goes down. Another great resource.

I wish I knew the exact model of this Keurig so I could plug it here. Maybe I’ll go home, look it up, and update this post when I find out the model. Otherwise, just know that this is great!

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