#96: The Sleepover

animal cat face close up feline

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have a sleepover coming up with some of my good friends, and it’s time to write about it. Another wonderful, positive aspect of my life.

When I was especially young, I loved having sleepovers. They were something to look forward to during the week, motivating me to make it through school and karate and baseball because, at the end of it all, I’d be staying up late and playing video games with some of my best friends at home. As a teenager, nothing was better than this. I cherished my friends and kept them close to me, as they were an important source of happiness in my life.

Nowadays, as a more mature (but not entirely mature) adult, I still have sleepovers with friends. They’re not the same, obviously; we don’t gossip about school or play Rock Band 2 any more, but parts of them are similar. The friends are the same, despite the long distance between us nowadays. We buy lots of snacks to fill our stomachs with terrible nutritious value, we bring whatever gaming consoles, controllers, and accessories are necessary to play the best multiplayer games, and we reminisce about old times, even though we are still in our early twenties. It’s never too early to be nostalgic, right? I hope these never end.

Sleepovers help me stretch my hosting muscles, too. Whenever friends visit Stamford, I feel especially motivated to make sure the apartment looks spic and span. They haven’t met Angus yet, but eventually, one of these days, they’ll have the opportunity to have our little old man park his butt in their laps, his favorite pastime when meeting new people. He recently met the family, and I’m excited for him to have the chance to introduce himself to others.

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