#95: The Blog

woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

After discussing how my poetry has changed over time, I’d like to take a bit to talk about how my blogging has evolved, who I write it for, and how that feels.

When I studied abroad for six months, I was introduced to the idea of personal blogging. Everyone was doing some variation of it; whether they were chronicling their travels or just keeping in touch with family, nearly every student abroad had a photo album or online blog prepared to share with everyone. I felt that it was necessary for me to join in, too. Now, that blog is set to private and probably won’t see the light of day any more, but it existed for a time and served its purpose: it helped others know what I was up to, and it kept me writing.

Nowadays, I commit to writing at least 300 words or so a day. Sometimes I skip a day, but that’s only after writing 600 or more words the day prior. I like to overcompensate and give myself days off from writing, like going to the gym. I had a conversation with a friend awhile back in which she said she was writing every day, and that’s what inspired me to continue like this. I also write this blog so that I can appreciate the smaller stuff in life, while also making sure I have an outlet for my writing. Writing is a huge hobby of mine, and I don’t want to abandon it. Personal blogging is a strong way of holding that hobby together and keeping it consistent over time.

I should also mention that this blog, after all, isn’t for anyone in particular except for myself. I don’t aim to become popular through this, and I don’t want to achieve high engagement numbers or anything like that. This is a collection of my writings, and the occasional likes help motivate me to write more, but they aren’t my primary source of motivation. I am intrinsically motivated to write as much as possible, at least 300 words a day, and this blog gives me the opportunity to hold myself accountable for all that.

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