#92: The Tournament

battle black blur board game

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Apologies in advance if this comes off as super confusing to anyone unfamiliar with Smash Bros. I’ll be talking about a video game I’m super interested in, and how it felt watching it over this past weekend. I know I talk about video games a lot, but they’re important to me!

So, instead of watching the Super Bowl this weekend, Alex and I decided to try something different: we watched, on our brand-spanking new 4k TV, a super major Smash Bros tournament, featuring both Melee and Ultimate competitors. The Melee tournament went late and lasted about three to four hours, about the same time as the big game itself, and we were able to watch a jigglypuff player take the entire tournament by the end. Alex was cheering for him, while I was cheering for the Yoshi and Shiek mostly. It was interesting to watch two characters I was pretty unfamiliar with take it to the grand finals against each other. That’s always an exciting twist.

Also, over 2.1 thousand people entered the Ultimate tournament, and it was ultimately won by MKLeo, a Mexican player and prodigy who plays primarily Lucina, Ike, and Cloud. Alex and I watched it together pretty much throughout the weekend, from top 64 all the way through to the top 8. It was exciting, thrilling, and worthwhile for us to watch. The tournament was called Genesis 6, considered by many to be the beginning of the Smash Bros competitive season for the year, and the apex of smash bros tournaments. That can only mean that more weekends will be filled with more streams in the future.

Also, considering the super bowl turned out to be pretty boring for many, I may have made the better decision to watch this instead! It is, after all, the pinnacle of competitive smash. I was excited to get the chance to watch the best in the world face off against each other. Here’s hoping there’s more to come, and I bet there is!

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