#82: The Dog Run

men s black crew neck shirt

Photo by Gabriele Ri on Pexels.com

Angus likes to run. Unfortunately, I do most of my high-intensity exercise at the gym, not outside in the freezing cold. Because it’s still winter, and because we live pretty much beside Long Island Sound, the wind chill reaches extremely low temperatures, depending on the time of day. But what bothers us hardly ever bothers him. This valiant dog, without a coat or jacket, rushes through the frigid weather like a car driving up the entrance ramp to the highway. First slow, then fast, fast, fast. He doesn’t let up, either.

Angus is a runner, though. As soon as you bring him outside, his doggy instincts kick in, and he sets out for adventure. Whenever he finishes his initial pee by the side of the building, Angus likes to roam around for a bit, smell the smells, and wander by the townhouse steps on the first floor. He will pull on the leash and drag his head below his collar to pull you toward where he wants to go, but a bit of a tug in the opposite direction sets him on the right path. When he runs, his back legs kick out and flail like a little kid rushing from the cafeteria to recess. Needless to say, Angus is curious, excitable, and ready for action at the drop of a hat.

My favorite Angus running moment is whenever he forgets how to walk on the hardwood floor. He’ll skid over the rug and onto the floor, yanking his legs repeatedly in the direction of the door. If I grab the keys from their hanger, Angus immediately recognizes that I’ll be leaving the apartment for a bit, and something in his senses tells him to rush over to me as soon as possible so that I can take him instead. Unfortunately, I’m usually going to work and can’t take my dog with me. Maybe some day!

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