#81: The Sloth

black and white short coated puppy

Photo by cmonphotography on Pexels.com

Let’s talk about dogs again. Alex reminded me last night that it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about Angus, and he’s always on my mind, so it’s no surprise that he’s showing up again here. This time, we’re going to talk about Angus’s pet sloth, Sleuthy (or Sleuth, whatever you want to call him.)

Angus has a special attachment to chewing things. Whether it’s the comforter, the Pikachu plush, or the outside of our laundry hamper, Angus finds a way in and then chews and chews and chews, in a playful manner, because he’s not a vicious fiend or anything. He doesn’t chew on us or on anything especially valuable, which is nice. I imagine it’s a texture-based fascination; that he loves having a bouncy, stuffed, soft feeling in his gaping mouth.

During a trip to Target last weekend, Alex and I picked up a sloth stuffed toy for Angus, along with dog food and treats. Turns out, it’s his new favorite toy. This morning (the morning I’m writing this) I came out of the shower to find him laying in bed with his head rested on Sleuthy’s body. Good thing the toy is made of stretchy fabric that can’t be torn off, at least not easily, because this boy loves his sloth friend. Sleuth will be staying with us for a long time, and I’m looking forward to future bedtime snuggles featuring Angus and his pet sloth. They cap off the night perfectly.

Nothing else to report on the Angus front recently, except that he’s still as excitable and jumpy as ever. When I take him for walks, I still have to yank on his leash to make sure he doesn’t jump on random passer-bys. He’s gotten better at it, though.

Update: Since writing this post during the week, Angus has eviscerated Sleuthy’s throat and ran around with the fluff in his mouth. He is a monster.

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