#66: The Restart


Photo by Vitaly Vlasov on Pexels.com

Remember in my last post, how I mentioned that I got a job? Yes, I can belabor this point for three blog posts in a row: I’m very excited to be returning to work on Monday (this might be going up on Monday, in which case this will seem a bit weird.) This is my restart, and I am so much more prepared for this now that I’ve had time off to rethink, restrategize, and reprioritize myself. Let me review what this restart entails, interestingly enough, taking place right after the year changed to 2019. So much has already changed this month alone!

So… a few personal goals:

  • Be a reliable, committed employee for my school for the remainder of the 2018-19 school year.
  • Work out/go to the gym 3-4 times a week, at least 35 minutes a session.
  • Track food I eat in a food diary (Not MyFitnessPal; just taking down physical notes in my phone)
  • Read a book a month in the year 2019, starting with “The Last Wish,” which I mentioned in a previous blog post and am currently almost finished with!
  • Converse with friends more regularly/be a more communicative friend.

Hopefully these can help lay some groundwork for me to rebound off of. Having a midlife crisis in your 20s is not easily shaken off; it lingers in you, and it comes back in fits and spurts, returns, creeps in to haunt your soul. It never lets itself leave you alone, except for when you manage to forget about it. And here I am, putting it all back into my head again.

Joking aside, I hope to stick to these goals throughout the year, and I want to keep them in mind as I transition into work life again. Being at home alone versus having a full-time job are drastically different life cycles and styles. One’s more sedentary, for example, while another demands more activity. You can probably guess which is which. I hope to make the transition smooth and comfortable, while also establishing some good habits and routines while I’m in a positive, cheerful mood. Here’s to the rest of 2019, given what good fortune has come this year so far.

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